Ground cinnamon

Ground Cinnamon


Ground cinnamon is a classic spice combination with apples. It is a main flavoring in apple pie, apple cider and some apple sauces. Ground cinnamon is an essential flavor in pumpkin pies and all kinds of pastries, especially the sweet stick cinnamon buns we all love to have as a special breakfast treat. Cinnamon also adds a pleasant, but unexpected complexity to tomato sauce and chocolate.

Ground cinnamon is a classic combination with sugar to make cinnamon sugar, loved by children everywhere and even some adults. Cinnamon sugar is often sprinkled on toast and breakfast cereals. See recipe for cinnamon sugar below.

Cinnamon powder is an unusually addition to tomato sauces, but it adds a surprisingly pleasant and complex flavor to these sauces. Cinnamon is a common ingredient added to Mexican tomato sauces, ground cinnamon's sweetness creates a surprising balance to the tomatoes acidity while adding to the complexity of flavors in the sauce.

Ground cinnamon is also a classic flavor complement to chocolate, used first by the Aztec Indians and continues being used today in Hispanic cuisine. A little pinch of ground cinnamon and cayenne helps bring out the complex flavors of chocolate, which is why they are all ingredients in Mexico's famous Mole sauce.

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Ground Cinnamon Cooking Hints


Ground cinnamon is important in many sweet desserts as well as savory ones. Add ground cinnamon to pastries, coffee cake, candies, puddings, hot cereals, fruits, sweet sauces and even liqueurs. Add it to savory foods such as tomatoes sauce, Mexican mole sauce. Cinnamon is also used to add aroma or flavor to other products such as candles, soap, mouthwash and toothpaste.

Cinnamon is unusual among spices because freshly ground cinnamon is not always the best choice. Most spices are always better freshly ground because spices start losing volatile oils and thus flavor as soon as they are ground, the longer they sit after grinding the more flavor and aroma are lost. Although this also holds true for ground cinnamon, producers often grind the best cinnamon bark for sale as ground cinnamon and the lower quality cinnamon bark is rolled, dried, and sold as cinnamon sticks. The lower quality of bark used to make most cinnamon stick far out ways the loss of volatile oil that can occur when cinnamon is pre ground.

Cinnamon Sugar Recipe

Mix one part ground cinnamon and seven parts granulated sugar and mix thoroughly. Sprinkle on toast, cinnamon buns, baked apples, leftover pie crusts trimmings, and more.

Cinnamon Oil

To make a simple cinnamon oil simmer on part ground cinnamon in four parts oil for about five minutes. Cool and strain though a coffee filter, add a few cinnamon sticks to the storage jar if desired. Used cinnamon oil as a flavoring for candies, for general flavoring purpose, sent potpourri and even soap.

Health Benefit of Cinnamon


Cinnamon has been shown to have a number of medical properties by scientific studies. These include:

  • Antioxidant- The oil in cinnamon helps protect cells from damage by free radicals that can cause disease and ageing. Add a little extra cinnamon for flavor and reap some of the benefits of the antioxidants that we all need.
  • Carminative- Cinnamon helps relieve the digestive system excess gas.
  • Antispasmodic- helps calm muscle spasms.
  • Antibacterial- Cinnamon oil kills or inhibits the grow of many types of bacteria. This appears to be especially true of bacteria that cause oral infections like the ones caused by Candida. This antibacterial action explains why cinnamon is a common ingredient in mouthwash, it is not just for flavor!
  • Antifungal- Cinnamon oil can even be helpful in the treatment of parasitic fungal infections.

Our high quality 2x ground cinnamon is made exclusively from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. This makes it almost twice the strength of the ordinary ground cinnamon found at supermarkets.




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